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Jan 31, 2013 9:00am EST
jaill.ssill, thhse -3revving engines aphrodisiac. 3 3 new york.jeanne moos, cnn, pphrrdisiac. 3 jeanne moos, cnn, ew ork. 3&pcooing upp... ,3 we've got yyur ickets....too call... ánext.áyouure watching fox 45 good ddy altimore. speed limii in &&pmaryland.whh wants toodo it aad why thee say its a good idea..on foxx45 ews at 3 phe maggi of isneyy.. comes to life nnthe ice! ice!diisey on icee. reasure trove... is the tale f rapunzel as she enters the porld of all yoor other princesses.disney onnice mariner arena february 6th-10th. 6th-10th.tte 10th caller righh &pnow at 410-481-4545 wiis a the ssow! & áá7 dy forrccasáá 3 3 -8 and 9 am inners did nott call inn.. so prize rolls over &ptootomorrow- hot at 300--- dollars... starting att5aam--3
Jan 10, 2013 9:00am EST
only 3. jeannn moos, cnn, he's the mmst friendliest -3 llb-a-lion you gonna find..ny. 3 coming uu... coming up... who says cats can't play ping pong?the hiiaaious video thaa's going viral... nextt 3 so hot in herr nats natt 3& and tte ray lewis dancee.. manyyhits this naatonal aquarium... has gotten on youtube. you're watching fox 45 ood dayy ((break 7)) 3 p3 ii'' thuusdayy.. and that 3 pamera.this week we ssaat with the national aquarium's & version... of the ray lewiss dance. 3 so hot in hhre nats nats 3 - national aquarium put 3together this video- divers dancing in shark tank like ray lewis--so far 42-thousand hits -3 this next video ,3 shows what happens when ou have 2 cats... and onll one food bowl.taae a look... 3 - take turns eatinn 3 out of bowl- arguing over who can eat!!- pnd this next viieo might leave you impressed... it showssa cat layinn ping pong... take a look. shows a attplaying piig pong... take a look. look.- cat playy ping pong 3 - pushes ball back from othhr -3 side of net coming up... 3 if you'reemaking plans for the weekend... meteorologist jonat
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2